Design & work sketches


Sketch for the Bronze Fox Sculpture Outfoxed.  Her prey, chipmunk is hidden in a hole  of the Birch log  just behind the curl of her tail

Bad Boys

Design  concept for Bolting young Black bear bronze sculpture.  Bees in hot pursuit!  


This was the first sketch in a series of studies to determine the final position of the Sparrow hawk.

Sketch of Wild chase

Concept sketch for commissioned bronze Bobcat and Bronze Snow Shoe Rabbit.  The bronze Bobcat and Snowshoe Rabbit are Installed at the Wild Center Natural History Museum Tupper Lake NY

Wolf Painting


commissioned by Cornell for Corporate office


Commission Wolf Logo - Cornell Construction

The Company name was inserted in the  I Beam



Original study for larger Painting in Progress

Working Sketch Calloway's Mountain Lion Bronze Sculptures

This sketch is a design for 2 of 3 life-size Mountain Lions commissioned by Eli Calloway and installed in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca

Working sketch for Mallard

One of several sketches  with wing  anatomical/feather count information.

Snow Shoe Rabbits


Painting in progress


First Tracks


Papillon - Ollie