PJ LaBarge Biography

by Thomas Cutler

A favorite of Private Collectors, the sculptures of PJ LaBarge reside aboard private yachts, exclusive sculpture gardens and expansive private residences. Once displayed in galleries LaBarge has now found a coterie of ever growing patrons who find resonance and a sense of aliveness in the bronze creations.

Whether a cougar is about to leap, or the huntress having just released her arrow. The classical bronze sculptures of PJ LaBarge are born from unusual life experiences.

Growing up in the quiet small town of Tupper Lake, NY in the heart of the Adirondacks , LaBarge took to the lush forests and serene lakes, relishing nature and wildlife.

A runner, skier, swimmer and natural athlete, LaBarge developed a fascination with movement. A Master's degree in exercise physiology and kinesiology followed, including research for the US Olympic team that is now translated and synthesized in each LaBarge bronze casting.

Before venturing to sculpture, LaBarge developed a highly successful jewelry business, learning microscopic detail and exactitude now evident in works of larger scope and proportion.

LaBarge's analytical nature requires discipline, patience and intuitive understanding. Unlike prolific artists in other media, editions of LaBarges work are kept very low, although a given piece of sculpture may take months , even years to complete.

LaBarge's bronze sculptures illuminate an authentic moment in every piece of work. Whether inside the soul of a Lynx whose prey was “Just Missed” or the unrequited expression of a brave and powerful Achilles, “Introspection” these classical bronzes transport her art of love to a transcendent truth with anatomical precision and experiential integrity.

For numerous years LaBarge has been the exclusive bronze” Artist in Residence” at the Relais & Chateau Lake Placid Lodge. Returning from Laguna Beach, California to the Adirondacks serves as a source of Inspiration and evokes a sense of home and belonging.

Whether the curve of a woman's hip or that of the cattails amongst an otter's play, PJ LaBarge captures and delivers an extraordinary and elusive moment for viewers and patrons alik

Bobcat, Lynx & domestic cat Bronze Sculptures

Wild Child -young Lynx Bronze Sculpture

Edition 20


Just Missed - Lynx Bronze Sculpture

Edition 10


Solo Adventure - young Bobcat Bronze Sculpture

Edition 20