As an artist I think the  questions I am most often asked  are, how did you become an artist and what inspires your art. Upon reflection, while running through the woods the answers formulate. I believe one must live in beautiful places, and be in a space where one truly resides within their heart. I also believe one creates their own reality.

I was born on April 21st, during a fierce snowstorm in the small town of Tupper Lake, NY. On the globe, this is the  center of the Adirondack Park and a stone throw from the two- time Olympic Village of Lake Placid. Metaphorically, I seemed to be energetically in tune with the universe as the skies were full of movement, and I have often been referred to as a force of nature. At the very least this event foretold my future as a avid downhill and cross country skier!

My childhood was rich with creative fantasy and I was constantly on the move in the woods and waterways. This was the beginning of my love of wildlife and lifetime commitment as a runner. My explorations running different paths, some quite faint, taught me of the excitement of being off the beaten path. In a myriad of visuals I learned not only to see but also to feel the shifts of movement. In nature, wildlife is revealed. I’ve encountered  bear, deer, wildcats, wolves, coyotes, fox, and birds of prey. This heightened perceptual awareness is not lost in cities and other environs.

My natural athleticism coupled with living in a recreational playground with a winter Olympic  twist,  propelled me to pursue multiple degrees in the movement sciences. My  studies and reseach for my M.S. degree  from the University of Colorado  focused on  enhancement of  human performance. My main interest was anatomical  basis of movement, biomechanics and exercise physiology.

I moved to California after post masters graduate work and serendipitously ended up with a   marketing and design business in Marin County.  I went from art director to artist. I loved design , including the mechanical aspects and had a talent for it. My fascination with big cats  initially inspired me to create wildlife jewelry for Mountain Lion Preservation. The line grew  internationally with Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, Greenpeace and other wildlife preservation foundations. My belief in creating my own reality was opening a new path.

My ability to sculpt miniature reliefs of animals led to a desire to create larger in bronze. This career was jump started with a commission for my first sculpture “Shifting of the Wind”.  My life as a full time sculptor ensued. The adventure began with an invite to reside and sculpt  on a ranch in Colorado. I then cast  and placed bronzes in Santa Fe followed by galleries in Aspen, Vail, and Glenwood Springs. Subsequently, I spent time  on the Caribbean island of Grenada.  Soon after my arrival the director of the Granada Medical School graciously offered me their best cadaver to increase my anatomical knowledge through dissection. Upon leaving the island I changed my initial plan of returning to northern California and moved to the artist colony  of  Laguna Beach in southern California.

Laguna proved to be a great match for me. I  immediately had a series of commissions and was established in galleries in Laguna , San Diego, La Jolla,  San Francisco and Scottsdale, AZ.  A connection with manager of the Lake Placid Lodge lead to an extended invitation for summer artist in residency. I spent my next  six summers in Lake Placid as artist in residence and my winters in Laguna Beach.

In 2001-2 I purchased land in Lake Placid and designed my house with studio. The house was built  in 2003 and I returned to Lake Placid to reside. The pull of my roots in the Adirondacks with it’s woods, lakes and mountains has reclaimed me.


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